Two DIY Dryer Fixes and When to call a Repair Professional In Hayward CA

Some dryer problems require a professional to fix them although you can be able to fix other problems if you’ve necessary tools and skills. Your dryer helps you with house chores and if it stops working you can end up having a rough time. It is important to maintain your dryer regularly to avoid regular breakdown and inefficiency.

If your dryer has developed a problem, you can assess the problem yourself to determine whether you can fix it before you hire a dryer repairer in Hayward CA. There are two common dryer problems that you can fix yourself with little or no help. You just need to follow a few guidelines and you will have your dryer running normally.

  1. Dirty or clogged dryer vent

Poor ventilation is one of the reasons why most dryers fail. When moist, hot air is unable to escape, your clothed will either be damp or wet at the end of drying process prompting you to call an appliance repair in Hayward. If you have a clogged dryer vent, your dryer will produce a lot of noise and have poor ventilation that can damage the machine. In extreme cases, a clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Therefore, look for the signs to avoid damaging your machine or causing fire.

If your dryer has clogged and you hire an appliance repair service in Hayward, you will be advised to clean your lint filter before each load. On the other hand, if the clothes are wet/damp or the dryer is taking a lot of time to dry your clothes, you should consider cleaning its vents. However, if the problem persists or is severe, consider hiring the services of a washer and dryer repair service in Hayward. Remember, the entire ventilation of your dryer should be cleaned at least once every year.

  1. When the dryer won’t start

This is another common problem that appliance repair in Hayward have witnessed over the years. Electrical problems is the main reason why your dryer may fail to start. You can check the dryer’s plug to ensure it is fit in its outlet. If the plug is okay, you need to check the circuit breaker.

When an electrical circuit gets overloaded, the circuit breaker trips or turn off to protect your home from a fire hazard/surge. You need to locate the circuit breaker and turn it on for your dryer to start. After you turn the circuit breaker on, the dryer should start because power is flowing. If this does not happen, consider looking for APPLIANCE REPAIR NEAR ME IN HAYWARD, CA.

If you want your dryer to last longer and perform efficiently, you need to maintain it well. Ensure that the ventilating system is clean, the dryer plug is plugged in and that the dryer is connected to the circuit breaker. With all these, you will have solved two common dryer problems and you won’t have to contact an expert to fix your dryer. If you cannot be able to fix a problem, call in an expert to avoid making the problem worse.

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